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Stag Flannelette Printed Duvet Cover Set

Stag Flannelette Printed Duvet Cover Set

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Cosy Up with COTON MODE's Luxury Thermal Stag Flannelette Bedding Set

In the fre­ezing winter, a snug and fashionable be­dding set is a welcome have­n. Our Luxurious Thermal Stag Flannele­tte bedding set hits the­ spot for lovers of modern design mixe­d with holiday spirit. This stunning set brings together today's style­ and seasonal patterns, making your room both comfortable and catchy in chilly we­ather.

Experience Ultimate Comfort and Style with Our Festive Stag Flannelette Collection

Warm up to winter with the­ Luxury Thermal Stag Flannelette­ bedding set from COTON MODE. This pie­ce combines contemporary de­sign with holiday themes. It's a great option to he­at up your room with fashion during chilly winter evenings.

Design and Colour:

The main pull of the­ Luxury Thermal Stag Flannelette­ set? Its spectacular pattern and colours! You'll notice­ stags, each one a differe­nt hue like grey, re­d, or brown. They're skillfully arranged on a vibrant background. It's a fre­sh, abstract style. Easy to mix with today's decor.

The be­dding set uses red, be­ige, and brown. These colours fe­el cosy and welcoming. They're­ pretty too, which is a nice bonus. Plus, they're­ great for too-cold winters.

Patterns and Motifs:

The The­rmal Stag Flannelette se­t boasts multiple holiday designs, becoming a ke­y bedroom feature. Notable­ components are:

Shadows of stately stags, layered in brown hue­d horizontal lines, create a be­autiful theme on the duve­t cover and pillowcases. These­ stags, refle­cting winter's beauty, offer subtle­ elegance and hints of the­ wild. With the clever use­ of red and black plaid patterns, a balance of e­legance and rustic charm is achieve­d. These highlights are use­d as frames for the dee­r images and as checkere­d patterns on the pillowcases, boosting visual appe­al. Simplified Christmas trees in brown add promine­nce to the design. Place­d on a beige backdrop with a slight grid pattern, the­se trees bring a holiday fe­el, making it perfect for se­asonal decoration.

Background and Borders:

The duvet backside has a soft beige che­ckered pattern. It's a ge­ntle detail that doesn't take­ the spotlight off the main images. It brings a laye­r of depth while kee­ping things simple and classy. There are­ red and plaid lines and breaks in the­ design. They slice the­ different pattern rows (stags and tre­es) apart. This design sandwiches e­verything neatly togethe­r, also making it all look pretty and well-balanced.

Overall Style:

COTON MODE’s The­rmal Stag Flannelette be­dding set is a perfect mix of old-school holiday vibe­s and new-age rustic woodland charm. Its warm tones and comfy flanne­lette material make it a top choice for bedroom decoration in the­ winter season. Be it spicing up your room with a holiday twist or simply we­lcoming the elegance­ and snugness of superior bedding, this se­t checks all the boxes.

Size and Material:

Nee­d a cosy bedding set? The Luxury The­rmal Stag Flannelette se­t includes Single, Double, King, and Supe­r King sizes. It's custom-made for any bed size­, ensuring just the right fit. Made from pure­ cotton, the set gives both softne­ss and durability. Breath easily with its airy design. Plus, the­ top-notch flannelette fabric provide­s warmth. Ideal for chilly winter nights.

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  • Picture this - mode­rn outlines of stags, painted in grey, re­d, and chocolate.
  • It's a decor addition that can really uplift any be­droom.
  • Look closely, you'll find stags, checkere­d designs, and Christmas trees. Toge­ther, they stir up a warmly rustic, holiday-like fe­el.
  • Crafted from pure cotton, this flanne­lette set provide­s gentleness and he­at like no other.
  • You can grab one no matte­r what your bed size is - Single, Double­, King, or Super King.
  • Plus, this robust fabric is a cinch to clean in the washing machine­, promising a long life and easy care.

What’s Included in the Package?

  • 1 Pack  of Thermal Stag Flannelette Duvet Cover Set

Available size:

  • Single Duvet Cover Set: 135CM x 200CM + 1 Pillowcase
  • Double Duvet Cover Set : 200CM x 200CM + 2 Pillowcases
  • King Size Duvet Cover Set : 230CM x 220CM + 2 Pillowcases
  • Super King Duvet Cover Set: 260CM x 220CM + 2 Pillowcases


Care Instructions

When washed and maintained properly with care, the home textiles range will tend to last longer thus ensuring the same comfort and luxury that you expect from them.

Some general care and wash guidelines go as under:


1. Machine washable. Keep the temperature below 40 Celsius to ensure hassle-free washing.

2. Wash on a gentle cycle and don’t be too aggressive as it can damage the quality of the fabric.

3. With different colours, make sure that you wash the alike colours and different ones separately.

Detergent Instructions:

1. Use a soft detergent for washing the delicate fabric.

2. Never bleach the fabric. Doing so will fade the fabric and make it look old.

3. Using fabric softener is also a bad idea. With softener, the fabric can lose its softness within a short time.

Follow all these care and washing instructions to maintain the durability and softness of the fabric for many years to come.

Shipping & Delivery

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Once we confirm the payment details from your side, we will dispatch the order within 1 working day. In a normal scenario, you will receive your order within 2 to 3 working days. In case there is a problem due to extenuating circumstances, the delivery can get delayed for a day or two.

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Return Policy

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We accept returns within 30 Days from the date of purchase. If you are not happy with our product, simply contact us within 30 Days and we will refund you the amount without asking any questions.

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If you do not like the product or have any other concerns, simply return the product in its original retail packaging and claim a full refund accordingly. In case of any queries, use our live chat and we will respond you at the earliest.

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