About Us


“When it comes to a blend of comfort and luxury there is nothing better than COTON MODE. With our high-quality and luxurious line of bedsheets, towels, linens, and Kitchen essentials, we provide a calm and soothing experience to those who crave it.”


Our Commitment to the Customers

Our team at COTON MODE is dedicated to offer;

  • The highest quality of fabric as compared to other brands.
  • Most affordable prices in the UK mainland.
  • No shipping costs when you order in the UK mainland.
  • 100% Polycotton and Egyptian cotton fabric to ensure due comfort and peace.
  • Fast delivery within 3 to 4 working days as soon as you confirm your order.
  • Refunds without any questions asked within 30 days.
  • 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.
  • Responsive customer support.


Our Mission

“We intend to ensure products of the highest quality at the most affordable rates confined in fine retail packaging with 100% customer satisfaction.”


Our History

“Rome was not built in a day.” Same is the case with COTON MODE. It didn’t get the limelight overnight but has a long history.

We have a family-oriented textile business for the past 40 years. Our fathers were the pioneers of ensuring quality with due comfort and affordability and we are moving forward with the same lantern in our hands.

COTON MODE now gets operated by the 2nd generation of its owners. The work is being done at a high level to make sure that we meet your requirements and demands without any hassle.


Providing Luxury with Comfort Since 1980

Be it our bedsheets, towels, kitchen essentials, or other fabric products, we do not compromise on the elegance, luxury, and comfort of our customers.

With use of handpicked fabric such as Egyptian cotton, our fabric ensures softness that you may have never experienced before.


100% Fabric Quality Ensured

Be it Polyester, Poly Cotton, Egyptian Cotton, or regular Cotton, we ensure that the fabric is carefully picked, processed, and weaved to maintain quality.

That is why with our products you will never feel uncomfortable whether you want to sleep peacefully on a hot summer night or after a long tiring day.


Why So Affordable?

Yeah, you might ask that even after using 100% original fabric, why are we so affordable?

The main reason is that we manufacture the products ourselves. This allows us to cater to the demands and requirements of our customers without any compromise on quality.


Enjoy Fastest Delivery with COTON MODE

Considering the stock we have, we do not run out of it so easily. You can get the fastest delivery from us especially if you live in the UK mainland areas.

International shipping may take some time because the circumstances are not in our control most of the time.

Rest assured, you can get your desired products within 3 to 4 working days after you confirm the payment.


“Enjoy the luxury and comfort that you deserve with COTON MODE!”