Collection: Tea Towels

Elevate Your Culinary Experience with COTON MODE's Vibrant Kitchen Towels

Welcome to COTON MODE, where our elegant range of tea towels combines elegance and functionality. Our wide selection redefines kitchen basics and reflects our dedication to quality and innovation. Let us explore the world of COTON MODE's  Tea Towels to spruce up your kitchen area.

Coloured Check Tea Towels

The Coloured Check Tea Towels combine style and colour for a visually pleasing effect. These 43 cm by 68 cm towels are ideal for various kitchen duties. The vivid checks give your kitchen's décor a whimsical touch and make doing chores more enjoyable.

These precisely crafted tea towels are very visually appealing and exceptionally absorbent. The variety of hues accommodates a wide range of tastes and lets you add uniqueness to your kitchen.

Cotton Glass Cloth

With the Cotton Glass Cloth, enjoy the best possible glassware maintenance. This ten-piece set of 50 cm x 76 cm cloths is designed to give your glassware a streak-free shine and absorbency. Made of soft cotton, it guarantees gentle washing, making it a necessary kitchen item.

With these towels, you can quickly restore clarity to your glassware and wave goodbye to smudges and watermarks. The large pack size guarantees you'll always have a clean cloth to preserve the shine of your glass goods.

Kitchen Twill Tea Towel

The Kitchen Twill Tea Towel comes in ten 53 x 76 cm towels. The twill weave improves absorbency and lends a refined touch. Because of their sturdy construction, these tea towels are perfect for frequent use in busy kitchens.

More coverage from the bigger size enables effective drying and cleaning. These twill tea towels will add a touch of beauty and utility to your kitchen routine.

Quality Caterers Check Tea Towels

COTON MODE provides quality caterers' check tea towels for both home chefs and caterers. These ten towels, each measuring 45 cm by 70 cm, are designed to withstand the rigours of a busy kitchen.

For those who appreciate performance and elegance in their kitchen towels, these tea towels are an absolute need.

Rice Weave Tea Towel

The Rice Weave Tea Towels have a distinctive and adaptable texture. This set of ten 45 cm by 70 cm towels has a unique rice-woven design that improves absorbency and gives your kitchen a sophisticated touch.

These tea towels are suitable for spill clean-up as well as dish drying. With the chic and functional Rice Weave Tea Towel, you may up the visual appeal of your kitchen.

Terry Check Tea Towels

Discover the timeless appeal of the Terry Check Tea Towels. The classic check pattern and the luxurious feel of terry fabric come together in this set of ten sheets, each measuring 45 cm by 70 cm.

These tea towels are stylish and practical for a variety of culinary activities. They are a must in any kitchen because of their soft, absorbent nature, guaranteeing effective drying.

Terry Tea Towels

Enjoy the elegance that comes with ten 45 cm x 68 cm Terry Tea Towels. Because they are made of premium terry fabric, these towels have exceptional softness and absorbency.

The generous size of the towels allows for maximum coverage and efficiency. Additionally, the classic white colour adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen decor.

White Cotton Tea Towels

The White Cotton Tea Towels exemplify beauty from simplicity. This multicoloured tea towel set measuring 45 cm by 74 cm is a valuable addition to any kitchen.

A timeless style is produced by combining various hues with the traditional white. These tea towels are functional and fashionable because of their large size and high-quality cotton construction.

Honeycomb Waiters Cloth

COTON MODE offers the Honeycomb Waiters Cloth, which adds a refined touch. This fabric, which measures 50 cm by 76 cm, is made for discriminating people who appreciate fashion and use.

The roughness added by the honeycomb design improves absorbency and gives the material an opulent feel. The Honeycomb Waiters Cloth's elegance will elevate your dining experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to take care of my coloured check tea towels?

Yes it is more than easy. However, to preserve the vivid colours and durability of these tea towels, COTON MODE advises machine washing them in cool water without using bleach.

Is it possible to use the Cotton Glass Cloth on any type of glasses?

Absolutely, the Cotton Glass Cloth is made to be soft on all kinds of glassware, guaranteeing a sheen without leaving any scratches.

Are commercial kitchens a good fit for the Kitchen Twill Tea Towels?

Indeed. Because of their efficiency and long-lasting design, the Kitchen Twill Tea Towels are appropriate for use in both residential and commercial kitchens.

What makes catering professionals the perfect fit for Caterers Check Tea Towels?

With their sturdy structure and timeless check pattern, these tea towels are made for high-performance usage in hectic catering settings.

Is there any other use for the Rice Weave Tea Towel except drying dishes?

Of course. Because of their distinctive rice woven design, which increases absorbency, these tea towels are useful for a variety of kitchen activities, such as spill clean up and general cleaning.

How can I keep Terry Check Tea Towels feeling soft?

To maintain the delicate texture of these tea towels, COTON MODE suggests machine washing them often in warm water without using fabric softeners.

Is it okay to use white cotton tea towels as décor?

Of course. These tea towels, with their basic white tone and variety of colours, are a great option for both functional and decorative usage in your kitchen.