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COTON MODE Dusters: Elevating Cleaning Excellence

Welcome to COTON MODE, where cleanliness meets sophistication. COTON MODE is proud to present a diverse collection of dusters designed to cater to every cleaning need, from washing up dishes to achieving a streak-free shine on glass surfaces.

We make sure that you get effective cleaning that at any cost doesn't have to compromise on quality or style. Whether you're a professional or a homeowner, our dusting items are your trusted companions in the pursuit of a spotless, gleaming space.

100% Cotton Regency Dish Cloths

Experience the luxurious touch of our 100% Cotton Regency Dish Cloths designed for washing up. Crafted from pure cotton, these dish cloths offer a gentle yet effective solution for tackling kitchen messes. Your dishes and counters will look spotless after accidents and stains are easily removed because of the texture's softness and absorbency. Our commitment to quality shines through in these regal dish cloths, providing a touch of elegance to your kitchen cleaning routine.

Contract Microfibre Cloths

We present Contract Microfibre Cloths, a must-have for commercial cleaning tasks. These ultra-soft and super-absorbent cloths redefine affordability without compromising on quality. With a generous size of 40CM x 40CM, these contract cloths make tackling tough messes a breeze. We ensure that cost-effective cleaning solutions can still meet the highest standards of performance.

Hi-absorb Microfibre Cloths

In the realm of absorbency, these Hi-absorb Microfibre Cloths reign supreme. The striking blue colour and optimal size of 38CM x 35CM make these cloths a standout choice for absorbing spills and messes with unparalleled efficiency. Say goodbye to ordinary cleaning experiences and embrace the exceptional absorbency of our Hi-absorb Microfibre Cloths.

Exel Microfibre Cloths

Discover the epitome of softness with Exel Microfibre Cloths. These cloths, measuring 40CM x 40CM, redefine the meaning of super softness in cleaning. The specialised microfibre blend ensures a gentle touch on surfaces while maintaining exceptional cleaning power. Elevate your cleaning routine with the luxurious feel and superb performance of Exel Microfibre Cloths.

Grey Elasticated Handy Microfibre Mitt

COTON MODE introduces the Grey Elasticated Handy Microfibre Mitt, a versatile and efficient cleaning accessory. With dimensions of 24CM x 17CM, this mitt combines convenience with quality. The elasticated cuff ensures a snug fit, offering comfort and ease of use. Whether you're dusting surfaces or polishing, the handy microfibre mitt is the perfect companion for all your cleaning needs.

Microglass Microfibre Cloths

For streak-free shine on glass surfaces, trust these  Microfibre Glass Cloths. These Microglass Microfibre Cloths are specially designed to deliver impeccable results on glass, mirrors, and reflective surfaces. The high-quality microfibre material ensures a lint-free finish, leaving your glass surfaces crystal clear and spotless.

Microtex Microfibre Cloths

Immerse yourself in the softness and absorbency of these Soft & Absorbent Microtex Microfibre Cloths. Measuring at a generous 40CM x 40CM, these cloths offer a plush feel while efficiently absorbing liquids. The dual-sided microtex technology enhances the cleaning experience, making these cloths a versatile and essential tool for your cleaning arsenal.

Grey Microscrub Microfibre Cloths

Sized at 40CM x 40CM, these Mircroscrub Microfibre Cloths redefine cleaning efficiency. The microscrub texture tackles tough stains, while providing a smooth finish. Elevate your cleaning game with the superior absorbency and scrubbing power of Microscrub.

Our dusters feature innovative designs tailored to specific cleaning needs, providing optimal performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Microfibre Cloths be used for both wet and dry cleaning?

These Microfibre Cloths are versatile and suitable for both wet and dry cleaning applications.

Do the Hi-absorb Microfibre Cloths leave lint on surfaces?

No, our Hi-absorb Microfibre Cloths are designed to be lint-free, providing a flawless finish on surfaces.

Are the Exel Microfibre Cloths safe for delicate surfaces?

Yes, the Exel Microfibre Cloths are super soft and safe for use on delicate surfaces, ensuring scratch-free cleaning.

Can I use the Contract Microfibre Cloths for professional cleaning services?

Absolutely! These cloths are ideal for professional cleaning jobs, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising quality.

Are these dusters environmentally friendly?

Yes, we offer eco-friendly options among our dusters, contributing to sustainable and environmentally conscious cleaning practices.