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Shredded Memory Foam Pillow | 40CM x 70CM

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow | 40CM x 70CM

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COTON MODE's Memory Foam Pillow Bliss: Your Gateway to Unparalleled Sleep

We are pleased to introduce the ground breaking Memory Foam Pillow, which is a standard pillow intended to provide the highest possible level of comfort and support. Using our memory foam cushion, which has been painstakingly manufactured, you may completely submerge yourself in the peace and quiet of a good slumber.

Pillow for a Perfect Sleep Experience:

With the Memory Foam Pillow, COTON MODE has introduced a sleep partner that is designed to revolutionise the way you experience your night time slumber. Now, let's take a closer look at the characteristics that make this basic pillow the perfect choice for a restful night's sleep:

Memory Foam of the Highest Quality:

Our shredded memory foam pillow is designed to fit the shape and weight of your head, therefore giving you tailored support for a more peaceful sleep experience. Once you experience it you will always use it for a restful sleep.

Pillow with a Perfect Dimension:

The pillow, which has dimensions of 40 centimetres by 70 centimetres, provides the ideal balance of size, ensuring that it may be easily included into regular pillowcases.

Fabric That Can Be Easily Washed:

This memory foam pillow fabric  can easily wash which makes your routine for caring for your pillow more convenient. It's easy to take care of makes it a superb choice for those who have a busy life cycle and want a low maintenance yet high quality pillow to sleep upon.

Temperature Regulation:

The sophisticated memory foam is meant to adjust to your body temperature, which ensures that you will have a pleasant and cool sleeping environment throughout the night.

Pressure Relief:

It is possible to get relief from aches and pains by using the memory foam pillow because of its capacity to ease pressure points, which in turn promotes a more restful sleep.


  • Memory foam of the highest quality; it moulds to the contours and weight of your head to provide you with individualised support.
  • The ideal dimensions for regular pillowcases are 40 centimetres by 70 centimetres, which provides the ideal balance.
  • The easily washable quality makes it simple to clean, which makes your routine for caring for your pillow more convenient.
  • With adaptive memory foam, you may be certain that your sleeping environment will be cool and pleasant.
  • Reduces uncomfortable pressure points, allowing for a more restorative night's sleep.

What’s Included in the Package?

  • Pack of 1 memory foam pillow


Available Size:

  • 40CM x 70CM

      Care Instructions

      When washed and maintained properly with care, the home textiles range will tend to last longer thus ensuring the same comfort and luxury that you expect from them.

      Some general care and wash guidelines go as under:


      1. Machine washable. Keep the temperature below 40 Celsius to ensure hassle-free washing.

      2. Wash on a gentle cycle and don’t be too aggressive as it can damage the quality of the fabric.

      3. With different colours, make sure that you wash the alike colours and different ones separately.

      Detergent Instructions:

      1. Use a soft detergent for washing the delicate fabric.

      2. Never bleach the fabric. Doing so will fade the fabric and make it look old.

      3. Using fabric softener is also a bad idea. With softener, the fabric can lose its softness within a short time.

      Follow all these care and washing instructions to maintain the durability and softness of the fabric for many years to come.

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      Return Policy

      COTONMODE is always lenient when it comes to our valued customers. We offer 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and that’s why we have a flexible Return Policy.

      We accept returns within 30 Days from the date of purchase. If you are not happy with our product, simply contact us within 30 Days and we will refund you the amount without asking any questions.

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