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200TC Egyptian Cotton Housewife Pillow Cases

200TC Egyptian Cotton Housewife Pillow Cases

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100% Egyptian Cotton 200 Thread Count Housewife Pillow Cases (Pack of 2)

MUCH lighter than regular cotton, the 100% Egyptian Cotton Housewife Pillowcases will only enhance your sleeping while protecting the pillow at all costs.

The 200 thread count pattern maintains the lightweight aura while keeping the fabric dense enough to improve breathability. Thus, the pillowcases help in sleeping without any sweat or any other problems.

Thanks to the use of 100% handpicked Egyptian Cotton, the pillowcase has hypoallergenic qualities. It can keep the pillow away from allergens, mites, germs, etc.

Multiple colour varieties could be helpful in selecting the exact colour that you want for your bed. The colour options are unique and they tend to maintain the décor of your room at all costs.

Moreover, the fit is elastic and snug. Tucking the pillowcase to the pillow seems as easy as cutting butter with a knife. Just like that, you can remove the pillowcase from time to time to clean it accordingly.

The use of high-quality Egyptian cotton makes the fabric resistant to lint or pilling. Besides, with each machine wash, the fabric becomes much lighter and soft than before thus allowing you to enjoy the same comfort for many years to come.



  • 100% Egyptian Cotton weaved in 200-Thread Count.
  • Snug and easy to adjust on housewife pillows.
  • Egyptian cotton offers superb softness.
  • Extremely breathable fabric removes moisture from head.
  • Helps in improving the sleep cycle.
  • Only gets better with each machine wash.


What’s Included in the Package?

  • Pack of 2 - 100% Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases (50CM x 75CM).

Care Instructions

When washed and maintained properly with care, the home textiles range will tend to last longer thus ensuring the same comfort and luxury that you expect from them.

Some general care and wash guidelines go as under:


1. Machine washable. Keep the temperature below 40 Celsius to ensure hassle-free washing.

2. Wash on a gentle cycle and don’t be too aggressive as it can damage the quality of the fabric.

3. With different colours, make sure that you wash the alike colours and different ones separately.

Detergent Instructions:

1. Use a soft detergent for washing the delicate fabric.

2. Never bleach the fabric. Doing so will fade the fabric and make it look old.

3. Using fabric softener is also a bad idea. With softener, the fabric can lose its softness within a short time.

Follow all these care and washing instructions to maintain the durability and softness of the fabric for many years to come.

Shipping & Delivery

COTON MODE believes in instant delivery of products because we know you'd be waiting impatiently for your product to arrive.

Once we confirm the payment details from your side, we will dispatch the order within 1 working day. In a normal scenario, you will receive your order within 2 to 3 working days. In case there is a problem due to extenuating circumstances, the delivery can get delayed for a day or two.

COTON MODE proudly ships its products free of any delivery costs in the UK mainland premises. Extra charges may apply if you want the product to get delivered outside the UK mainland.

You will also receive a confirmation message as soon as we dispatch your order. Moreover, you can track your order after getting its tracking number from us.

Return Policy

COTONMODE is always lenient when it comes to our valued customers. We offer 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and that’s why we have a flexible Return Policy.

We accept returns within 30 Days from the date of purchase. If you are not happy with our product, simply contact us within 30 Days and we will refund you the amount without asking any questions.

For a full refund, however, make sure that the product is unopened and unused. We will not entertain any refund if the quality of the product is damaged after opening.

If you do not like the product or have any other concerns, simply return the product in its original retail packaging and claim a full refund accordingly. In case of any queries, use our live chat and we will respond you at the earliest.

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