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Anti Snore Pillow

Anti Snore Pillow

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Anti-Snore Pillow: Drift into Peaceful Slumber

Do you and your loved ones suffer from chronically disrupted sleep due to annoying snores? Step right up and meet the game-changing Anti-Snore Pillow from COTON MODE. This pillow is the answer to a restful night's sleep devoid of snoring; its distinctive shape and emphasis on unrivalled comfort make it an ideal choice.

Embrace the Night with Peace

With our anti snore pillow, you can finally put an end to sleepless nights. Careful consideration was given to the demands of those, who snore while they sleep, in the creation of this Anti-Snore Pillow. Not only will you have a restful night's sleep on top of its extraordinary characteristics, but you'll also wake up revitalised and ready to take on the day.

Innovative Ergonomic Design:

Optimal positioning of the head and neck is encouraged by the revolutionary ergonomic design of each pillow. In order to lessen the likelihood of airway blockage and snoring, the pillow's curves provide support to critical places.

Hollowfibre Filling Magic:

Made with premium spiral hollowfibre filling and 100% microfibre cover, it conforms to the way you sleep. Its unique shape  provides a snug fit that will help you sleep better without snoring. With this anti-snore option, you may enjoy a cool and airy night's sleep. This pillow offers a versatile sleep support system.

To sum up, it does more than only improve physical health; it also helps with emotional and psychological wellness. Get a good night's rest without interruptions, which will help you relax and unwind.


  •  The optimal head and neck alignment provides support to the key areas.
  •  Reduces chances of airway obstruction and minimises snoring.
  •  Adapts to unique sleep patterns and Gently cradles the head for personalised comfort.
  • Engineered with breathable materials.
  • Ensures a comfortable temperature throughout the night.
  •  Not just an anti-snore solution but  adapts to back, side, or stomach sleeping positions. Ensures a customised and comfortable sleep experience.

What’s Included in the Package?

  • Pack of 1 anti snore pillow

Available Size:

  • 48CM x 74CM (19” x 29”)

        Care Instructions

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        Some general care and wash guidelines go as under:


        1. Machine washable. Keep the temperature below 40 Celsius to ensure hassle-free washing.

        2. Wash on a gentle cycle and don’t be too aggressive as it can damage the quality of the fabric.

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        Follow all these care and washing instructions to maintain the durability and softness of the fabric for many years to come.

        Shipping & Delivery

        COTON MODE believes in instant delivery of products because we know you'd be waiting impatiently for your product to arrive.

        Once we confirm the payment details from your side, we will dispatch the order within 1 working day. In a normal scenario, you will receive your order within 2 to 3 working days. In case there is a problem due to extenuating circumstances, the delivery can get delayed for a day or two.

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        You will also receive a confirmation message as soon as we dispatch your order. Moreover, you can track your order after getting its tracking number from us.

        Return Policy

        COTONMODE is always lenient when it comes to our valued customers. We offer 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and that’s why we have a flexible Return Policy.

        We accept returns within 30 Days from the date of purchase. If you are not happy with our product, simply contact us within 30 Days and we will refund you the amount without asking any questions.

        For a full refund, however, make sure that the product is unopened and unused. We will not entertain any refund if the quality of the product is damaged after opening.

        If you do not like the product or have any other concerns, simply return the product in its original retail packaging and claim a full refund accordingly. In case of any queries, use our live chat and we will respond you at the earliest.

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