Collection: Fitted Sheets

Unmatched Comfort with Fitted Sheets Collection from COTON MODE

Welcome to the Fitted Sheets Collection by COTON MODE, where superb workmanship and unmatched comfort come together. Experience the elegance of high-quality materials and cutting-edge innovations that transform the nightly ritual.

With our Easy to maintain  Cotton Fitted Sheets, you can embrace the ideal combination of polyester and cotton. This combination guarantees a firm foundation, enduring toughness, and a velvety feel on your skin. The Easy Iron technology, which prevents wrinkles in these sheets. Bid farewell to laborious ironing and welcome to a spotless bed that requires no work. Here are some attributes of these sheets you would not like to miss:

Deep Fitted Design:

This design ensures a tight fit that remains firmly in place night after night by accommodating mattresses of different thicknesses.

Breathable and Comfortable:

These sheets' breathability will help you have a good night's sleep. The ideal air circulation made possible by the polycotton mix keeps you comfortably warm while you sleep.

Time Saving Maintenance:

These Sheets make life easier and are very easy to maintain. 

Let us have a look at our variety of sheets under that category:

Poly Cotton Fitted Bed Sheets

Our Poly Cotton Fitted Bed Sheets offer the ideal balance of comfort and toughness. These premium polycotton mix sheets are long-lasting and have a gentle feel. Accept the adaptability of a fitted sheet, which enhances any bedding set.

Easy Care Poly Cotton Fitted Sheet

You can simplify your life with our Easy Care Poly Cotton Fitted Sheet. In addition to offering a luxurious feel, the polyester and cotton combination makes upkeep simple. Savour the ease of a fitted sheet that requires no work and looks and feels fantastic.

Easy Iron Poly Cotton Fitted Linen Sheets

Our Easy Iron Poly Cotton Fitted Linen Sheet combines effortless elegance with practicality. The unique combination guarantees a wrinkle-free, silky surface, saving time and effort while ironing. Savour the elegance of a flawlessly ironed bed each night.

Poly Cotton Deep Fitted Sheets

Enjoy the additional layer of luxury that comes with our Deep Fitted Poly Cotton Sheets. Because of their oversized pocket, these sheets will fit snugly on your mattress. Discover the ideal fusion of comfort and usefulness for a peaceful night's sleep.

Easy Care Poly Cotton Extra Deep Fitted Sheets

In Easy Care Extra Deep Fitted Sheets, the deep pockets guarantee a snug fit on heavier mattresses, and the easy-care fabric makes upkeep easier. Enhance your bedding set with this exquisite fusion of design and practicality.

Easy Iron Poly Cotton Extra Deep Fitted Sheets

With our Easy Iron Poly Cotton Extra Deep Fitted Sheets, experience ease. The creative combination of materials guarantees a smooth surface with little effort and fits deeper mattresses. These excellent bedding will redefine your sleeping haven.

200 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet

Give yourself the luxury of our 200TC Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet. With 200 threads, it feels very smooth on your skin and ensures an unmatched level of comfort throughout the night. This gorgeous blend of elegance and softness will elevate your bedding.

400 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet

Savour luxury with our 400TC Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet. The luxuriously soft and glossy surface made possible by the high thread count turns your bed into a comfortable retreat. These quality fitted sheets will provide you with the ultimate in elegance.

400 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Extra Deep Fitted Sheet

Our 400TC Egyptian Cotton Extra Deep Fitted Sheet is the height of luxury for people who want flawlessness in every detail. The high thread count ensures an opulent sleep experience, and the extra-deep pockets guarantee a snug fit on even the heaviest mattresses.

The Fitted Sheets Collection from COTON MODE demonstrates our dedication to comfort and quality. Upgrade your night time routine with bedding as remarkable as the dreams you'll imagine while sleeping on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What material are fitted sheets made of?

Our premium fitted linen sheets are made from the purest and finest cotton. The material includes poly cotton, 200 thread count Egyptian Cotton, and 400 thread count Egyptian Cotton.  

Is it easy to care for fitted sheets?

These sheets are easy to care for and clean. They are machine washable and also the ironing is optional. You will get a crisp look even with minimal ironing. Hence, you can care for and maintain these sheets easily.

Why do these sheets have elastic edges?

The elastic edging allows these fitted bed sheets to hold the mattress comfortably and stay perfectly in place all night long. With our high-quality linen fitted sheets, you can say goodbye to waking up to a tangled mess of sheets and enjoy a more comfortable sleeping experience.

Are fitted sheets suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, our premium quality bed fitted sheets are perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. These extra deep sheets are made from poly cotton and Egyptian Cotton that is kind to even the most sensitive skin, providing you the comfort you deserve.